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The walls at Heroes Tap House tell the story of our hero Blayk Wallace. They also share the story of the heroes in our community. Customers have graciously donated their art, decor, and their stories with us. Each piece of decor tells a story about the heroes in our community. The police, the firefighters, the military, the sons, and the love ones we have been fortunate enough to call our heroes. 

Share your heroes story with us and each week we will feature a new story to add to the history of HTH. Share your stories at heroestaphouse@gamil.com

This photo was taken outside the orginial Heroes Tap House. Kari drove the hummer, Donovan the blue corvette that day. Blayk's red corvette photo shopped in to represent him alwasy being here. 

"We always do things in 3s becasue he is always with us"- Kari




After the drowning of our 17 year old son Blayk life became difficult to say the least. I didn't have the heart to carry on our home business any longer. After months of dealing with the grief we turned our focus a different direction. My wife Kari single handedly took on the state to have a life jacket loaner station and a emergency call box installed at Salmon Falls. After winning the battle with the help of friends we were authorized to build and install the loaner station. The state later installed the call box and did many other improvements to the park. During this time I focused my attention on our new family business. One that would honor the memory of Blayk and also pay respect to all the people who risk their lives everyday to protect us. The super hero theme was derived from Blayk's love of Batman. Why Batman? Because he didn't have any super powers. He was simply a man who sought out to right the wrong. The name HEROES was Kari's idea. It came from Blayk's eulogy, "heaven needed a hero". We've dedicate area's of the tap house to Blayk, family, Batman, our military, fireman & police. Much of the decor is from our home or was donated by our gracious customers who have now become friends.
Please understand we seek no pity only understanding and compassion.

Judge not others for no one knows the struggles of our fellow man.